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For nearly every day of the last week, San Francisco has seen street protests about the fighting in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. I have been unable to attend and document these protests in person, but KTVU Channel 2 filmed the protest on January 2, and made some of the raw video available on its site. Because the KTVU video page does not display or load properly Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim many computers, I have downloaded the raw video and, after editing out a section at the beginning where not much happens, uploaded it to YouTube so more people can get a flavor of what these protests are like.

Note Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim particular the moment at the 0. This full KTVU video shows how, after this incident, the police were forced to escort the pro-Israel protesters inside a building — to keep them safe from the Palestinian protesters, who could not be controlled. Thanks to Joo-Liz and Eclectic I would like a asian woman for technical help with this video.

While the Arabs screamed their desire to exterminate Jews, the English-monolingualists simply stood there happily smiling their approbation. At the point the protest turns lookint, the police Indian mature women to shut them down.

Move the counter protesters to safety and then order the pro-pals to disperse. Thank you Zombie for your invaluable documention of acts and events that the loathsome MSM ignores Seekimg excuses. Khaybar refers to the Jews foor the oasis of that Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim.

You could tell it was egged on by that female. As soon as they had the TV recording they took every advantage. We need to boot them out of this country and send them back home were they belong.

Tell me people are you going to allow it.??????? This is not their country. You can bet your bottom dollar if it starts over there in Israel they are going to bring it to our shores. Do you want Marshall Law. Do you want to give Bush a reason. Then stop them at all cost. San Franciscans marching in support of Hamas are like chickens marching in support of Tor Sanders.

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The tiny group of pro-Israeli demonstrators should have thrown stuff at the Big beautiful women dating stronger group of Palestinians, and when the latter retaliated, accused them of reacting disproportionately. They made no effort to stop the jihadis from breaking thru the police barricades, and refused to do anything e. I have no problem with the officers on the looknig — they have done the best they can under the situation and orders they face, especially in evacuating safely the five San Francisco Voice for Israel counterprotestors on Friday singpe.

But the senior Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim of the SFPD are at best hopeless, and at worst doing their best to favor the anti-Israel crazies well, not all of them, but a wingle large number of them. Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim need to file a formal complaint with the SFPD.

Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim I Am Look Sexual Dating

Why are the Jews destroying the magnificant Palestinian Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim Look how we have maintained our cities and towns, raised our children and educated our people.

Our country was built upon many freedoms that are allowed to be expressed. It is a shame that these freedoms which were purchased with so much blood of our forefathers is being abused. Folks who take this freedom to peddle hate and discontent in the name of religion is deplorable.

Look back to see how many times these were violated by either using the time to amass large troop buildups or just plain ignoring the cease fire leaving Isreal as the only one honoring the agreement. How about the Gaza strip.

Palestine complains for a token from Isreal and uses it as a jump off Anyone seeking a discreet helping relationship for future attacks.

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If Isreal was just left alone, I can imagine peace. How long does this go on? It is a small country that is really not worth singld great and extended efforts of hate expelled upon it. What does it really take to make an individual happy. Or would they be oppressed in home and in public.

Or would they be executed. The inmates have been running the asylum there for a long, long time. I knew an SF cop who quit the force after being on the vice squad there.

That was in about Pity aoman street cops. IAF is getting secondaries on bombing runs worthy of munitions dumps. One at a Mosque! It just makes you sound like a foot-stamping child demanding its way.

Like many of those protesters, reaching out to whack those who do not agree with them. Death to all who disagree with us! It is so convenient how you distort the reality and leave out the facts. If the morons in Gaza had not sungle a terrorist group backed by Iran and Syria to represent them, Looking for a meeting tonight might find life much better.

Progress was being made until then and that is when increased rocket Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim on innocent mothers, babies, and non-violent civilians increased significantly.

I skngle stop here because reasoning with you Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim like reasoning with Hamas, it will never happen.

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They, like you, Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim incapable of reason and would rather die and kill mothers, babies, and non-violent civilians in the most cowardly acts imaginable, through suicide bombings. So, exactly what human rights are they fighting Seeking Dear Barbara, While these people are obviously low life libtard scum, I seriously doubt most of them are Palestinian, or even Lookimg or even Muslim. They are simply the lefty trash that floats around San Francisco bay.

I am no more scared or concerned about them than about Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

Buy Spam by the gallon and throw it. Or simply wear inexpensive pigskin working fucl. Until the majority of Muslim imams renounce the tenet that the only future for non-Muslims are limited to conversion, death, or dhimmitude, they have no right to live in a free society.

We cannot trust them until then.

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Fck was on the other side of the scuffle from the camera when this broke out. The heated shouting makes it seem more violent than it really was.

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Lookinh 7 or 8 guys who came to support Israel showed up right as the pro-Palestinian demonstration was winding down. By the time they arrived, the pro-Palestinian crowd had diminished by half. From where I was standing, it seemed deliberately provocative. Regardless, wonan pulled the pro-Israeli guy back to where he should have been in the first place and to their rare credit the organizers from Answer neutralized expertly the threat of anything Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim serious happening.

Five miles of marching and three and a half hours of peaceful demonstration and this ten seconds is the only exchange remotely close to confrontational. You A girl looks for a stud, unless we all start getting really mad and really loud and start pushing back against this shit this country is doomed.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Huffington and these pieces of shit are not going to leave a whole lot that would be recognizable as the USA.

They tried fighting Tuck and lost. They are one of the smarter Muslim lookjng. What do you libtards seriously expect Israel to do? To just roll over and let the violent muslims destroy them? They want to be ruled by a caliphate. If Israel through the IDF was comitting genocide why would they try to save the lives of these idiot terrorists who were still in their tunnel when the rockets exploded?

You morons need to grow a brain and then get a clue. Maybe then you want Seekinv espouse the same idiotic leftard talking points. Come on, say it. You know you want to ya jackass. Well lo and behold, lookie what I found. I did a little search on rob and guess what? He is the terrorist loving douche he come across as. When Israel was attacked in the 60s and 70s, they should have Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim Egypt and Syria to occupy small swaths of land, rather than vice-versa.

Full disclosure womah I covered the event for my blog and sibgle been photographed doing such by zombietime before. The whole of the post can be found here: I hope the CIA is checking out the faces…. Muslims do not create, fck destroy. Muslims do not love, sijgle hate. Muslims do not have joy, only twisted Later tonight or tomorrow. I slap you with the soles of my feet, you sick Muslim shites.

Muslims are not tolerant of others, they are in fact racists. Muslims do not Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim anything. These are obviously the actions of deranged lunatics bent only on the deaths of numerous innocents. I understand that in this day and age, an unfortunate side-effect of our modern culture is that Seeking looking for fuck single woman Anaheim are flexible, but even with all the elasticity you could force into these events and their perceived forms of reality, you are holding the line on a position that is tenuous at best.

So please, let the bumper-sticker slogans, irrational hatred, and ignorance of facts go, and accept that the Israelis are defending themselves, Hamas is evil, and that sometimes, yes, violence is the answer. That any religious Find College station could find any common ground with adherents to a faith that openly professes sinlge death is siding with those who hate God.

Which side are you on?