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Looking for a special gift to unwrap

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Secial of the Month Club. Ever feel like you just didn't get what you wanted for the holidays? Science can help explain why: The person who gave you that dubious present actually wanted you to like it too much.

Givers often focus on the perceived desirability of their gift because they feel it will make the recipient more appreciative of them, says Nathan Novemskyan expert on the psychology of judgment and decision-making at Yale University. But receivers really value convenience, feasibility and ease of use in a gift.

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This difference can lead to disappointment, according to research Novemsky and colleagues published in the Journal of Consumer Research earlier this year. For instance, givers may choose a complicated computer program with lots unwrp features because they think it will be seen as more valuable. But receivers may prefer an easy-to-use program with fewer features.

The study also offered a choice between two gift certificates to Italian restaurants. One eatery was very highly rated but located an hour away from the recipient's home, while the other was less well rated but was only 5 minutes away.

How does one avoid falling into such a holiday faux pas? In a season filled with reminders to think of others, there's an aspect of thinking about oneself that's useful here, Novemsky explains.

Seven Special Gifts to Unwrap This Christmas The gift of Christ was, in fact, the greatest peace treaty ever enacted. Charisma Magazine Newsletter. Stay up-to-date with current issues. It wouldn’t be a holiday without some toys to unwrap. But if you’re looking for a special gift your kids will remember for years to come, you can’t go wrong with a book set. Perfect for those long days of winter break when it’s too cold to go outside, gifting kids with a new series to sink. Coffee Mug Photo Gift - If you are a looking for something special, turn your gift into unique and personalized present, we offer most popular custom gifts for any occasion. Coffee Mug Photo Gift. If you really want to surprise more, why not unwrap and bake some goodies for dinner? That will surely be a great surprise. If your budget is.

So if you like French food but they like Italian, you're going to get them a gift certificate ot an Italian restaurant. You care about convenience, accessibility—and those are the kinds of things we miss when we focus entirely on the other person.

Writing in the Journal of Experimental Social PsychologyFrancis Flynn and Francesca Gino found that the gifts recipients appreciate the most are the ones that they've explicitly requested. Givers, by contrast, often feel that unsolicited gifts will be more appreciated, because they show that more consideration and thoughtfulness went into choosing them.

The same study also found that while givers often feel a gift of money is a less Spdcial option, the opposite is actually true. Cash remains king even during the holidays.


Perhaps a more surprising discovery in gift-giving science is Work girl in South Portland it seems cost doesn't really impact how much Looking for a special gift to unwrap appreciate what they get.

In a pair of studies, Flynn and his Stanford colleague Gabrielle Adams asked gift givers and receivers to rate their perceived levels of appreciation for birthday gifts such as jewelry, wine, books or iPods. Givers reported feeling that goft expensive gifts would engender more appreciation, but receivers claimed no greater happiness with expensive gifts versus cheaper options. gifh

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These appreciative attitudes may hold true for even the most expensive and status-conscious gifts. The combined trio of studies suggests that it really is the thought that counts, even for traditionally huge-ticket items, despite pressure on buyers to show how much they care by spending more money.

And no matter the cost of your gift, you might want to think carefully about how you wrap it, according to research by Novemsky and his Yale colleague Ravi Dhar The bows, ribbons, tinsel and other holiday wrappings add to Sexy lady looking nsa Toledo Ohio festive appearance, but they can actually heighten disappointment when LLooking less desirable gift is found inside.

But if it's Looking for a special gift to unwrap a great gift, then people are actually more unhappy with the gift if it's nicely wrapped than if it's just in brown paper or unwrapped. If you do find yourself spwcial gifts you don't want this year, take heart.

Researchers have also examined the somewhat taboo yet widely repeated practice of re-gifting. One study found that z receivers typically think that the original givers will be offended if they pass their gift on to another, givers simply didn't feel that way as often. Perhaps that's because they too know what it feels like to get those head-shaker holiday gifts.

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