New Brighton Lifeboat Station has reopened

The station reopened on Monday 8th August operating its Atlantic 85 lifeboat.

It is intended that the station will remain in operation until the end of the summer at which time a full review of operational activity and crew availability will be carried out by management.

You will now be able to contact the station personnel by email via the Contact Page of this website.


Public Access Lifesaving Defibrillator Installed at RNLI New Brighton Lifeboat Station

A yellow box has appeared attached to the wall of our Lifeboat Station next to the noticeboard – this contains a defibrillator for the use by anyone assisting with someone who has had a sudden cardiac arrest [ heart attack ] in the vacinity while awaiting the arrival of the emergency services.

Its easy to use – to access phone 999 explain where you are and they will give a code to access the box. Continue reading