New Brighton Lifeboat in action to assist crew of vessel with mechanical failure

18th July 2016

At 5:32pm we received a request from HM Coastguard to assist a small fishing vessel with engine failure. It was located in the Rock Channel of the River Mersey.

The weather was good, sea conditions calm and the tide was just on low water and turning.

New Brighton lifeboat B-837 Charles Dibdin was launched and just after 6pm found the vessel a 17ft Shetland day fishing boat near to the underwater retaining wall ie: the sides of the natural sandbanks in the Mersey estuary were stabilised with dumped stone to direct the flow of the river as it enters Liverpool Bay, and prevent erosion.

This is not a good area to find yourself in trouble and without power. On reaching the fishing boat, that was a well equipped and with knowledgable crew, it appeared that the gear box had failed.

One of our crew went on board the fishing vessel to manage the tow. With the vessel in tow we proceeded to Brunswick Marina – however this was not accessible till around 9pm and so was achored outside. Arrangements were made for the craft to be towed into the marina by another vessel when the water was high enough. The lifeboat was stood down and returned to the lifeboat station about 7:30pm for chjeck over, refuel and wash down.

No matter how well equipped the unexpected can still happen, fortunately today the conditions were good and the rescue straightforward.

Conditions had been so good that when appropriate Helmsman Dave Hicks used the opportunity to give crew member Tony Murray experience on the helm prior to attending to his training course at the RNLI Training Centre in Poole.

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