Hovercraft Back on Service after New Years Eve Rescue

New Years Eve saw a dramatic and successful rescue of a lady in the water at New Brighton. However due to a freak accident our hovercraft H-005 Hurley Spirit ended up damaged and stuck on rocks.

The problem occured when a rope attached to the lifebuoy the lady was holding was released and it somehow fouled the propellors  of the hovercraft [ which have extensive guards around them ] and brought the engine to a halt at a most critical time resulting in it getting stuck on rocks with a dropping tide. We managed to get the lady safely ashore and into the hands of paramedics and ambulance crew.

The engine could not be re-started and our lifeboat and Marine Fire One in support tried to tow it off the rocks unsuccessfully. Weather was atrocious at the time and it was only later that night when we managed to get a large crane to lift it off the rocks and back on land.

The hovercraft was damaged and we were unable to get a replacement immediately as the RNLI’s  reserve hovercraft were fully commited elsewhere.

Quite and end to the old year for all our volunteers!.

Links to Liverpool Echo reports of the rescue:

RNLI life boat stranded on rocks has now been removed from New Brighton prom


RNLI hovercraft becomes stuck while rescuing woman from the sea at New Brighton


Our own hovercraft has been sent off to be repaired and we have now received a temporary replacement H-006 John Russell, its been fitted out with our specific kit and we are pleased to report that it is now on full service as from last Monday – 11th Jan 2016.

Hovercraft H-006 John Russell Hovercraft H-006 John Russell

Of course our lifeboat B-837 Charles Dibdin has as normal been fully operational throughout the whole time.