RNLI Bravery & Skill Recognition for Two Rescues on 21st June 2014

Crew from the rescue of the two girls :  L to R Mike Plaskett, Paul Quest, Snr Helmsman Dave Lowe, Sean Sales

We recently received a Letter of Appreciation from the Howard Ramm the RNLI’s Head of Community Lifesaving Delivery addressed to Graham Sale – Lifeboat Operations Manager, New Brighton.

Dear Graham

Although some time has passed since the incidents occurred, following a review of your returns of service over the last year I feel compelled to write and congratulate you and your team on two outstanding services conducted in June of 2014.
The first service took place on the morning of Sunday 21 June, where the Atlantic 85 lifeboat was called to service to a small yacht Imelda G, which had lost power and was in danger of founding on the breakwater. Under the command of Senior Helmsman David Lowe the lifeboat was able to nudge out the casualty until a line to the casualty vessel could be passed and safely tow them out of what was clear and present danger.
The second service occurred on early evening of Sunday 21 June, when in deteriorating conditions New Brighton Atlantic 85 lifeboat under command of Senior Helmsman David Lowe launched to two teenage children who had been observed trapped on the outer groin and in obvious difficulty.
The lifeboat quickly located the two casualties in challenging conditions and deployed Crewmember Mike Plaskett to swim ashore and bring the casualties back to the lifeboat where in turn where they were brought on board. During this time Senior Helmsman Lowe was able to maintain the lifeboat in position despite the conditions, a feat which demonstrated excellent seamanship. This service was also the subject of both local and national interest and served well to promote the activities of the RNLI.
Both these services on the same day demonstrated well the skill and courage sought and delivered by our volunteer crews at New Brighton.
Congratulations and again my sincere thanks and that of the Institution for all you hard work over the year.

Howard Ramm
Head of Community Lifesaving Delivery

This is the original News Release relating to the 21st June rescues:

Rescue News Release 21st June 2014

Mike Plaskett - who went into the water to save girls

Mike Plaskett – who went into the water to save girls

Back to Front: Snr Helm Dave Lowe, Helmsman Paul Mountford, Crewman Jim Garland

3 of the 4 crew from Imelda G rescue – Back to Front: Snr Helm Dave Lowe, Helmsman Paul Mountford, Crew Jim Garland – Alison Gibbins not present

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