William’s Special Birthday Treat

Friday 21st August, 2015

Our volunteer crews at the lifeboat station like to make a difference – normally its at sea or on the coast when someone is in trouble.

However today I think they helped to make a difference in another way with a special birthday treat for 6 year old William Magee who suffers from the wasting disease Muscular Dystrophy.

Not everyone gets a fair break in this life and his mum Kelly wants to increase awareness of the disease that currently has no cure.

You may have heard of William through social media when his mum put out an appeal for people to send him a birthday card – it went world wide and 25,000 plus cards have been sent from all over the world.

A party was arranged for him at Bubbles World of Play in New Brighton which is near to the lifeboat station. When we heard about William our guys thought it might be nice if we gave him a tour of the lifeboat station then take him in style on our lifeboat to his party.

He arrived at the lifeboat station about 5pm with his family and although rather apprehensive at the start – wouldn’t you be if you were only little and faced with a huge tractor and lifeboat and 6 foot tall people in yellow suits and wellies!!

However he soon settled in and took his place on the helmsman seat of the lifeboat and we set off down the road to New Brighton beach in the launching rig. We did a run around the beach and then proceeded past waving adults and children to party time at Bubbles where there was a huge pile of cards to open.

We wish him and his family all the best for the future and we are sure he will never forget his 6th birthday.