Diving RIB with gearbox failure recovered by New Brighton lifeboat

Local News Release 13th June 2015

Author: Bob Warwick

14:48 We were alerted by member of Wallasey Yacht Club – a 6mtr Diving RIB with 3 crew on board had broken down in Rock Channel off from New Brighton.

Our Atlantic 85 B-837 Charles Dibdin was launched to assist and towed the vessel back into New Brighton. The dive boat and crew were out on their first trip of the season and near to their starting point when they experienced gear box failure. Conditions were calm with reasonable visibility.

Dave Lowe Snr Helmsman at New Brighton and in command of the lifeboat commented ‘ It was a straightforward recovery our main concern being the outgoing tide as we were close to low water. The dive boat was fully equipped and in some ways it was as well to have the unpredictable failure when they did as it would have been more difficult further out to sea or in worse conditions ‘

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